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The Possibilities of Dance:

"Dance takes the mind and spirit away from thoughts of disease and disability."

PFNCA has partnered with several dance educators to offer Dance for Parkinson's, a potentially transformative experience to Parkinson patients. The primary goal is to move with grace—just for the sake of beauty, expression, and release.

When Parkinsonians step onto the dance floor, they become artists, giving and receiving the respect that flows naturally between people who create beauty together - and many of them find their PD symptoms go away for a while. This could happen for you.

Watch our dance class!

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If you are interested in joining our dance classes, please call us at 703-734-1017 or email us at

PFNCA Sponsored Dance

Dance for Parkinson's at Dance Expressions

Saturdays 10:30- 11:30am
Dance Expressions
507 Commerce Dr.
Upper Marlboro MD 20774
Instructor: Serene Webber
Contact: PFNCA 703-734-1017