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Caregiver Network

Caregivers are valuable members of the PFNCA community, as well as in their Parkinsonian's life. Caregivers also require some time and space of their own, where they can learn from, get support, and give support to and from other Caregivers.

Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver Training Day

Caregiver Training receives support in
Montgomery County

Caregiverlist Caregiver Resources and Tools

Caring with Courage and Compassion


For years, her words of caring and compassion helped caregiver’s laugh and
smile, realizing they are not alone on this journey. Susan Hamburger’s
Cargiver’s Corner articles are available for purchase. The compilation,
entitled, Caring with Courage and Compassion, features all the years of
Hamburger’s articles for Parkinson Update, as well as some articles which
have never been published by PFNCA before.

If you are a caregiver, new to the experience or years in, this book is something
you should be sure to own! It also makes a great gift for caregiver
friends and family members. For only $15 you can make these
valuable lessons and stories your own. $4 shipping and handling. Contact
PFNCA at 703-734-1017   , or email us at 
to order your copy today!

Caregiver's Corner

A staple in the PFNCA quarterly newsletter, Parkinson Update, Caregiver's Corner has held valuable lessons over the years. The following articles are a sampling of recent and classic Caregiver's Corner's.

Daddy by Kristin Washington

Sharing and Caring for My Parkinson's Partner by Preston Caruthers

Importance of Taking Time for Yourself by Angela Robb

Caregiver by Jean Strohl

Can We Find Humor in Caregiving? by Susan Hamburger

Caregiver Survival Tips by Susan Hamburger

Loss and Caregiving by Susan Hamburger

Is There Someone to Care for the Caregiver? by Susan Hamburger

Loneliness and Caregiving by Susan Hamburger

A Positive Attitude Makes it Easier by Susan Hamburger

The Loss of Intimacy by Susan Hamburger